So I am coming to the point where I am going to be installing the 14 foot joists. These boards need to be straight, so I’ve got them stacked and stickered to reduce warpage.
I also have the longest perpendicular run across the joists, which means I have to pay special attention to the thickness of the joists since they vary in width by up to 1/2 inch. So I have to make sure that they decrease in width as they get forther from the house. This means they should all be of similar dryness, and I have to select and sort through them all, rather than just picking the top one and cutting to length and treating.

Jan 022012

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Well, here we are in the new year, lots of work left to do on the deck. Today I did some staining of the blocking I cut up the other day. Too cold to do it indoors, and the fumes from that stain are just wicked, my eyes and nose are telling me so.  Makes the whole house stink bad.

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